KKSP - One Stroke Workbook Extended

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KKSP - One Stroke Workbook Extended

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Dear Costumer,

Welcome to first edition of KKSP books.
My name is Krisztina Kalmár, I live and work in Hungary, but nowadays I travel a lot in Europe, since my days are filled with shows, trainings.
I was very happy when I finished as a nail technician in 2006 and my dream came true. I sat at the school desk again as an adult, but enjoyed every moment of it and it is with great pleasure that I think back at my teachers. At that time, I could not even have imagined that I would be a well-known and good nail technician at any time; however, time gave it to me as a gift.
The way leading here was long, I have learned a lot, developed a lot. Then I taught a lot and developed there and it’s not over till this today. The professional and human experiences, gained during the years, caused great influence on my mental development and will remain in me forever. All that I am today is the result of experience gained on the way to this state, good and bad, and an open mind.
I established the Krisztina Nails & Art Academy in 2008. Until now roughly 25 students finished as masters in technique and designs. Also, more than 2000 nail designers from 10 countries around Europe, have successfully participated in my courses.
I established our new firm, Diffusion-Art Ltd, together with my partner, Pierre Pachl, (media designer, photographer and retoucher) and in this same year the first members of the KKSP brush family appeared.
During the past year, increasingly diverse special handmade brushes went on sale and soon we arrived with great novelty. 2016 is a new era and a gorgeous cooperation with our new friends, the Portuguese owners of the HN: Cila Santos and Bruno Rosado. This book describes one of our favorite decorating techniques, the One Stroke, step- by-step, but we plan to complete the next publications about newer issues, in the near future.


Available in 2 languages (english and portuguese)



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